Would you rather loyalist patriot why

Loyalist believed that the colonies should stay true, or loyal, to the king and to england they were also know as tories task: during this activity, you will research the beliefs of the loyalists and patriots you will then decide based on evidence and facts, if you would have been a loyalist or patriot during this time period based. A person would want to be a patriot rather than a loyalists because you can earn independence loyalists are ruled by a king, even though patriots still have a king the king dosnt do that much of.

Would you have been a loyalist, or a patriot 3 comments in 1775, during the american revolution, their were two sides the loyalists, wanted to remain a part of britain, but the patriots wanted to form a new, independent country. Choosing sides- loyalist or patriot directions: divide the class into groups of three (a group of four will work if necessary, but there should be no groups of two or less) once the students are in groups, assign them a letter- a, b, or c- the extra member in the group will be a “c” as well.

In the eighteenth century, during the american revolutionary war, there were two opposing sides fighting against each other, the patriots and the loyalists the patriots rebelled against the british control, while the loyalists, also known as tories to the patriots, remained loyal to the british crown. Back when people had to pick to rather be a loyalist or a patriot, i wouldhave picked patriot i would pick that because, i would rather try and earn independence than have to be ruled by a king yes, being a patriot meant that you still had a king, but he wasn't able to enforce as much ruling, and as the years went on the the patriots felt that they were slowly becoming more and more independent.

I think it would be pretty cool to be a boston merchant and see history as it unfolds looking back now anyone would say patriot but life probably would have been easier to just be a loyalist and ride a ship back to england, at least that would probably be safest. During the american revolution, some settlers in the thirteen colonies wanted to remain british, and others wanted to be independent both sides faced many challenges so who would you most likely be did you only pick your side because you were afraid take this quiz and find out this is a revised version of the quiz at gotoquizcom.

Would you rather loyalist patriot why

All others were at substantial risk of life, limb and property the patriots (loyalists, by definition) fled the fledgling new nations by scores of thousands in fear of the rampant and wanton acts of retaliation by the lovers of liberty given the option, i wouldn't have wanted to have lived during the period. Ok so i have a test soon were it will ask me if i would rather be a loyalist or patriot the thing is, i don't know much evidence to support my side the only thing i can think of is that i'd rather be a patriot because i wouldn't want to continue being taxed unfairly i need to have at least two more reasons of why i chose to be a patriot.

A large public segment, about 45 percent, did not officially choose sides patriots gained influence and public support through political literature and newspapers england's unpopular economic and political policies increased negative sentiment against the english government and the loyalists.

The patriots rebelled against the british control, while the loyalists, also known as tories to the patriots, remained loyal to the british crown they chose to support the authority of the king rather than the power of the parliament. And when you become a true loyalist you don’t have to deal with any of the acts like the quartering act, the stamp act, the boston massacre, the boston tea party, the proclamation of 1763, and last he intolerable act i’m sure you hate all those taxes all and all you should come be a loyalist with all the great people.

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Would you rather loyalist patriot why
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