Cry and jardi tancat subject matter

Jardi tancart study uploaded by rachael jones theme/subject matter is established contracted lines/hunched over/curved torso = hard work moved as a tight group formation dynamic elements section 1 circular actions and grounded motif repeated space = medium to low levels with glimpses of high level brushing to the land and.

‎ cry and jardi tancat subject matter 'jardi tancat'and alvin ailey's 'cry' in relation to the movement, choreographic devices and compositional elements 4,193 words | 15 pages. Subject: other, dance university/college: the curved lines and gestural motifs used within nacho duato’s work ‘jardi tancat’ implement the intent of his work these motifs are then further manipulated using space, time and dynamics to further establish meaning and expand intent of his work alvin ailey – cry dancers, costumes.

Une belle chorégraphie espagnole sur une musique de maria del mar bonet, par la compagnie jardi tancat. Dance 12: appreciation : alvin ailey (cry) and nacho duato (jardi tancat) home search this guide search dance 12: appreciation : alvin ailey (cry) and nacho duato (jardi tancat): home requested by cassandra james home books –subject matter –meaning –significance.

Elaborate (extend): (why does it matter significance, links, evaluation) c forms within their subject area to drive academic thinking it is tempting to see the cruciform patterns in the choreography of nacho duato’s jardi tancat as being influenced by his reli-gious background but this would be overstatement.

Cry and jardi tancat subject matter

cry and jardi tancat subject matter Spanish choreographer nacho duato created his first work, jardí tancat, in 1983 while he was a member of the nederlands dans theaternow artistic director of madrid’s compañía nacional de danza, he is deeply committed to creating a distinctive profile—a soul of its own—for his national company.

Jardi tancat • uses appropriate examples and language to clearly support the response – ballet themes/subject matter – elaborate costumes and sets – driven by the narrative response: bostes 2014 hsc dance marking guidelines — written examination • influence on later choreographers, eg jose limon (direct.

  • Cry and jardi tancat subject matter essay nacho duato’s ‘jardi tancat (jt) and alvin ailey’s ‘cry’ both explore different subject matters in the context of cultural perspectives to creat meaning through movement, various compositional elements and choreographic devices jardi tancat was choreographed in 1983 and explores the roles.

Cry and jardi tancat subject matter
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